When looking for a realtor, it’s important to know what things one must possess. After you know that, you have to deal with looking for the best realtor in Londonderry NH. This article will discuss the process of choosing the most potential realtors you can hire among the many available ones near you. Keep on reading to know more about this: 

Request for referrals 

Most of the time, requesting referrals is one of the first steps that you should take to find a listing agent or buyer’s agent. While your friends and family who have experienced the procedure of homebuying recently are the ideal places, to begin with. You can also ask your lender if you want.  

Regardless of who you’ll be asking, guarantee to get information about what they liked regarding the realtor that they hired. You should also know if there was anything that they did not like about them and why do they highly recommend such a real estate agent. 

Do your own research 

The next step you should do after getting the referrals is to conduct some investigation on your own. Nowadays, a lot of listing agents and buyer’s agents can be easily accessed on the internet. Because of that, you should take your time to visit their webpage, check their social media presence, and thoroughly read through any online testimonials or reviews. Based on that information, you’ll be able to obtain some idea of whether you like what such a specific realtor has to say. 

Consider interviewing your top picks 

After researching the potential real estate company to work with, you can come up with a shortlist of companies. It would be ideal to have 2-3 realtors that you think would be the best fit for you.  

After you get some realtors in mind, email them or call them up right away to book an interview scheduled with them. Any real estate agent who has worked in the industry for a long time would be willing to be interviewed knowing that it is part of the employment procedure. Hence, they will be ready to answer whatever questions you have in mind. 

Although, when an agent declines or delays your request for an interview, consider this as a warning sign. In the end, chances are you will want to employ someone with who you can communicate easily during the entire selling or buying process. With this in mind, when you fail to have a good reaction to what you’re asking, never think twice and start moving on to finding other options to choose from.   


The procedure of choosing the best realtor to work with may seem to be stressful and overwhelming. However, remember that it does not need to be that way. This will be easier and doable when you use the tips and guidelines that we presented above. Fortunately, you can efficiently find the best realtor in town that you can fully trust.